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Technological innovations have made our lives convenient. Here is some great news for all those individuals who frequently desire to have a look at their pay stubs. With the help of viewmypaycheck, this is now possible. Precisely, you can access your pay stubs or any other payroll information like net pay, tax deductions and available time off whenever you desire.  Viewmypaycheck can be accessed from any gadget like a computer, smartphone or a tab. Surely, this will sound interesting to most people who work as employees. Read on to know more.

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Setting up viewmypaycheck for your company

Primarily, you ought to have an Intuit account. There are many organizations which use the services of Intuit products that mainly include financial accounting and tax preparation software. So, you may already have an Intuit account. Nevertheless, it is rather easy to sign up for a new account. Employers can ask the employees to sign up for viewmypaycheck from the official website.

You should use QuickBooks for Windows 2013. Additionally, you need to install the latest maintenance release and the latest payroll updates else you will not be able to see the following option. Now, for setting up you have to choose the Manage Payroll Cloud Services option. Now, you have to select the Viewmypaycheck checkbox from the manage payroll cloud services option. You will soon be asked to create or confirm a pin which will be used to send the payroll data. Click save and click on return to QuickBooks option in the confirmation window. Lastly, you run the payroll and upload your paycheck when intuit asks for it.

Signing up for Employees

Remember to keep your Social Security Number (SSN) and your last paycheck close by, as viewmypaycheck intuit will ask for these to verify your identity. The sign-up procedure is simple and similar to any other account creation that you may have done before.

Presently, intuit viewmypaycheck does not have any dedicated app. However, users can easily access their pay stubs in their mobile browser by visiting the official website of viewmypaycheck intuit com. For those who are thinking of trying this out at first can also do so. You will find the “View Demo” option in the upper right-hand corner. This should be able to clear all your doubts.

Confirmation of your viewmypaycheck account

You may be asked to confirm your account during the sign in process with a confirmation code. You can choose the code to be sent to your email address. By chance, if you do not have your mail account listed, you will require completing the Email change request form at first. You should never lose track of the window where the confirmation code has to be put in.

Once you retrieve the confirmation code from your inbox enter it in the earlier window. If you notice the confirmation has not yet arrived even after waiting for a substantial period of time, you can click the “Didn’t receive the code” option. As soon as the verification procedure is completed you will immediately be able to access your viewmypaycheck account.

Working with viewmypaycheck

Once you have successfully created an account, you are all set to view your paystubs. You can choose to view the latest one or even the older ones. Now, you can easily get itemized information on your current earnings and tax deductions. You will be better informed about your money. For some reason, if you need a hard copy of your pay stub, viewmypaycheck offers you the convenience of saving the file in PDF format of which you can take a printout later. www viewmypaycheck also allows you to customize the preferences to be intimated about latest pay stubs as soon as they are available.

The viewmypaycheck intuit has introduced some welcome changes for the sake of the employees. Previously, some employers used to manipulate records to hide the paychecks made for a future date. Now, the Admin Dashboard has been disabled which has limited the power of the employers.

Viewing paychecks for more than one company

Yes, as an employee you are empowered to view your paychecks if you work for another company. Needless to say, the employer must have set up a viewmypaycheck account at first. You can use the same credentials with which you signed up on Intuit for viewing paychecks of multiple organizations. As mentioned before, you will require entering the SSN and the net pay by clicking on the dropdown menu and select “View my paychecks from another company”.  Once the new company has been successfully added, you can choose the specific company name from the dropdown list and view your pay stubs.

Having questions or doubts about using viewmypaycheck

Of course, you may have additional questions on your mind when you have just started using this service. You will notice question mark icons (?) present in the viewmypaycheck intuit com website. Here you should be able to get your queries sorted out. For further clarifications, you can also contact their agent with the help of the “Live Chat” option on weekdays 6 am to 6 pm.

Advantages of using viewmypaycheck

You no longer have to be worried about lost paychecks or assign someone the responsibility of printing them to be given to the employees on payday. Now, all the employees will be able to view and print their paychecks easily. Introducing this feature will save you precious time and tons of paper. You will find this a refreshing change when you no longer need to print paychecks and fill them into envelopes and then have to distribute them to each and everyone.

The good news is viewmypaycheck is absolutely free for employers who have an active subscription to Intuit QuickBooks Payroll. Already, most organizations use this so you can use this service without having to cough up extra charges. The company has provided a short video for understanding the procedure better for the potential customers. The exhaustive FAQ section present in the www viewmypaycheck website should be able to clear your doubts should you have any.

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